Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A month off, of sorts

After the Taupo Enduro, some time off the bike seemed in order. Time to recharge my batteries before a long slow build up to the Great Divide Race. Time to catch up with things at home and work. And time for a bit more GDR planning, of course.

Miro started eating solids and sitting up. She burned the extra energy off by waking more often during the night, banging blocks and pooing a lot. She's adorable.

Managed to get stuck in and break the back of the new Mewburn Rise track on Wrights Hill (with a lot of help from my friends). Kept things ticking over at the Cycling Advocates' Network office. Coupla work parties at the Makara Peak MTB Park. Almost finished our new garage.

On the GDR front it was time to try and get some gear together. Proposals went off to Alastair at Cycletech and Allister at Worralls. These guys are both sharp operators with a philanthropic streak who have supported various Kennett Bros projects in the past. This time I asked them to lend me the right gear to make up a fancy gravel road racer and they said yes. Sweet! (Details on that in a later post.)

On the whole, December felt like a month of Fridays. Despite the time off the bike, I was exhausted. Christmas without Mum or Dad was a tough nut to crack. Luckily we've got a fair sized family and some fast friends. My mother-in-law, Shona, really hit the jackpot when she gave me a set of GDR maps and a some loving words.

On Christmas Eve Sarah, Miro and I headed up to the tiny, shop-less town of Rangataua to chill out with her Dad and Janet. The month off finished with a brilliant burst of sloth - eating, chatting, reading on the couch, the odd stroll in the forest, and playtime with Miro. Life could be worse.

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