Thursday, April 3, 2008

Going on a road trip...

Mad rush on way to ferry...heading south for a month...finished at Cycling Advocates' Network and now back with the Kennett Bros, so am off to do research for the 7th edition of Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides.

I've got the southern half of the South Island, which is full of long, remote rides that we haven't done for a decade or two. So long as the weather plays ball it should be most excellent.

Tipped the scales as 69kg this morning, pretty much what I was aiming for at this time. Two or three kg heavier than normal. I lost half a kg during the Cape Palliser ride and that worried me - if I lost weight at that rate during the GDR it'd leave me at 59kg (note: I'm 6'1"). According to a couple of blogs, GDR racers do loose about 7-10kg. Looks like I should try to put on another kg or two before June.

Anyway, gotta go. The hills are a calling.


Anonymous said...

Hey Simon,

Pop in on your way down if you have time. We'll be at the Hanmer 12 hour on Sat or Sun so swing by.


Simon Kennett said...

Hey Rick (chickenlegs indeed. Pah).
Hope Hanmer was good for you. I was on the West Coast today. Off to the Poulter and Fairlie tomorrow. Chasing the sun.