Thursday, October 9, 2008

Time Marches On's three months since the Great Divide Race finished and I still haven't done a proper trip write-up. Sorry about that - it's still on the list of things to do. Spoke magazine asked me to do a 1200 word article about the race. I worked hard to keep the word count down and still ended up with 2400. That'll be in their next issue. Anyway, it occurred to me while writing it that it would be pretty easy to ramble on for 5000 words - just need to find the time. Realistically it won't happen until the Christmas holidays.

The last post mentioned an auction and slide show. They went really well. All the GDR sponsored gear is now sold and 99% of the pledges are in. At the moment the funds raised for Doctors Without Borders is just over NZ$10,000. I need to get this wrapped up and sent off asap, before our currancy plunges any further. Why is it that a US-initiated financial crisis has caused the greenback to strengthen?

If you missed the last slide show, there are a few more coming up. One for the Hutt Valley MTB Club in mid-November, one at the Cyclemania festival in Taupo at the end of November, and another for Cycle Aware Wellington on the 2nd December.

It's been impressive to see many of the GDR racers compete in other events recently. I've had no interest. It took just over two months for my fingers to return to normal (difficulty tying shoe-laces being the main problem). And, a combination of exhaustion, jet-lag, minor illness, wintery weather, baby-induced sleep deprivation and over-working conspired with a bit of melancholy. It is a bummer not having anything as big as the GDR on the horizon. Might just have to run something similar here in NZ.

Fortunately my heavy commuter bike kept the legs from wasting away completely and last weekend my brain finally said "It's time". I joined John for my first recreational ride since getting back to New Zealand in July. We found some nice steep singletrack and enjoyed a good hit of endorphins. Aaaahhh....

And now that spring has arrived, there are a couple of races in the off'ing too. As part of our 7th edition promotional tour the Kennett Bros will have a family team at the Wild Wellington 12 hour teams race and we'll drag the Triple out for the Taupo Cycle Challenge century. Bound to do something sifty at the Makara Peak Rally, too. Maybe we'll see you there.


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