Wednesday, December 17, 2008

MSF Fundraiser Wrapped Up

Just deposited NZ$11,030 into MSF Australia's account. This was the money raised through donations (mostly at slideshows), pledges for each GDR-km ridden, and the sale of sponsored gear.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed - genorosity like that is heart-warming, and it made the motivational side of the GDR a piece of cake.

Here's a message from MSF explaining where the money goes now:

"Médecins Sans Frontières teams are currently in over 60 countries, working with more than 22,000 locally recruited national staff in conditions that are always challenging, sometimes dangerous. Wherever our teams are working their goal is the same: to provide essential medical humanitarian aid to those who need it most, regardless of race, religion, gender or political affiliation.

As an independent organisation that relies solely on our donors for funding, your support is absolutely crucial to Médecins Sans Frontières’ ability to provide medical assistance to millions of people throughout the world. Whether it’s assisting casualties of war, those in danger from deadly epidemics or in great need after a flood or earthquake, victims of sexual violence or someone excluded from health care; the funding we receive from our donors helps us stay flexible, responsive and ready to act swiftly in times of crisis.

In 2007, Médecins Sans Frontières carried out 8,447,106 outpatient consultations and dealt with 340,689 inpatient admissions in 62 countries worldwide. Our interventions spanned four continents with the majority of projects taking place in Africa, and smaller numbers in Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Armed conflict was the most common cause of humanitarian and medical crises followed by epidemic or endemic disease outbreaks.

Some of our work right now includes:
Providing emergency medical assistance to people caught up in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Providing obstetric care for women in Haiti
Treating cholera in Zimbabwe
Providing medical and non medical assistance to refugees in Darfur, Sudan
Treating malnutrition in Uganda

For all the latest news on our work, please visit

Kind regards,

Gina Birkett
Médecins sans Frontières Australia

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Oli Brooke-White said...

Great work, Simon. You are a legend.