Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pass me a bucket

Well, the Nationals are only 8 days away. They'll be a 1.5 hour sprint for us Master 2 riders, so I'd skip them but for the fact they are in town and only a week before Karapoti. As much as the race will hurt, it'll be good practice for Karapoti where I don't want to embarrass myself (my twin brother is on form).

So, after three busy days off the bike, it was off to Mt Victoria on the way home to get some short sharp intervals under my belt. First up, five at the velodrome where the Start/Finish is. Trevor and Samara are there finishing off a set of intervals themselves. Trevor hasn't lost a Master 2 race for a couple of seasons, except when we faced off here last season and had a most excellent see-saw battle to the end. I suspect he'll turn the tables this year.

Five one minute-long intervals on the track is enough for me before I head off with Hiskey and Chris to check out the climb. It's the steepest bit that most other riders walk that is of most interest. I'm in the granny gear and feeling rather vomitous by halfway already. This does not bode well. When the course turns right and gets near vertical (or at least 20 degrees) the front wheel starts to lift and a moment later the rear looses it on a root. I'm riding like an amateur!!!
(Hang on...I am an amateur).

Back to the start. Another four attempts (three successful) and I've run out of time. Oh well.


Ben said...

James B and I were playing on Mt Vic last weekend and did the climb. He cleaned it nicely, I lost my front wheel (I'd blame the slack head angle of the trance but it was probably the rider). The bugger is it's hard to start again there once you're off!

Simon Kennett said...

James was doing well! Seemed like most of the age-graders were having to walk it at the Nationals.