Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Resignation (not defeat)

Handed in my resignation on Monday. Working for the Cycling Advocates' Network for the last year and a half has become increasingly frustrating. Attempts to improve the cycling environment for commuters generally occur slowly and rarely (if at all). Then, when a little progress is made, motorists kick up a stink (and a major magazine in Auckland covers the story with images including the one shown). That image, while intended to be comic, accurately hints at the level of respect cyclists receive in 'Clean Green New Zealand'.

Fortunately I can head back to the Kennett Bros to write books and design tracks for a living. I'll enjoy seeing firm results produced on a weekly basis, and I'll stay involved with cycle advocacy (as a volunteer).

Had to go for a ride on Monday, for the mind as much as the legs. Did a little jogging and a big bunch of short hill intervals.

Tuesday was a stunner weather-wise, so I rode 70 km round the bays twice on the way home. Spent most of the time getting used to the aero-bars - weird contraptions.

By Wednesday the legs were starting to feel sore. The 'Used up - come back later!' kinda soreness that will become familiar on the GDR, so I went and practiced the Mt Vic hill climb course with John at a fast pace. Ouch!

Today I went and watched the Hill Climb National Champs at lunchtime. Eight minutes of pure pain - well, not for me. More like half an hour of entertaining racing and chit-chat under clear blue skies. Then it was off back to work, into the car-infested CBD, pump-a-swinging, snarling all the way. "I AM CYCLIST. HEAR ME ROAR!"


John said...

great post Simon. CAN's loss will be the Kennett Bros' gain!

Simon Kennett said...

Thanks John.

Madmax said...

"I AM CYCLIST. HEAR ME ROAR!" Lol awesome :)

El jefe said...

Yeah Simon, I can imagine how frustrating it must be. Bring on peak oil! jeff