Friday, May 2, 2008

Project Rameka

After a quick drive up the West Coast (stopping to stay with Mark and Cathy in Hokitika) we found ourselves in an idyllic old farmhouse just out of Takaka. On the way, we paid more than $2 a litre for petrol for the first time - a moment to remember. We've been spending the week here in Golden Bay helping my brother Jonathan and his partner Bronnie celebrate the launch of Project Rameka.

In response to their concerns about climate change, they've bought a 50 hectare block of land situated halfway between the Abel Tasman National Park and Rameka Scenic Reserve. The plan is to help it regenerate into native forest and build a couple of tracks so that mountain bikers and walkers using the Rameka Track can bypass the road on their way there or back to town.

On Wednesday they held a public meeting to form an incorporated society to make it all happen. 35 people signed up and 13 of them agreed to be on the organising committee. Today is the Open Day up on the land and the weather is stunning (unlike yesterday when Greg Thurlow and I rode up into the snow above Cobb Reservoir, got wet and frozen, and then nudged 'the wall' just before being rescued by Sarah who was driving back from Rameka).

Here's hpeing there is an awesome turnout again and everyone gets psyched to start track building and possum trapping.

Haven't been thinking much about the Great Divide Race lately, which is refreshing. Will be home in a couple of days and start focusing again then.

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