Friday, May 9, 2008

Six Week Countdown

Wow - just three weeks left in NZ and then three weeks in the States before lining up in the Canadian border! Choice!!!

After getting back from the South Island on Sunday I needed a recovery week. This was it. Only two lunch-time rides, both of which felt good - roadie rides with me on the GDR rig. Road climbs feel so easy on the Giant XTC CO with the Stans Crow tyres. It's almost perfectly dialled in now. I'm loving the Ergon grips. Have replaced the Cane Creek seat post with a Ritchey WCS one for now. As much as I liked the Cane Creek on rough trails, I couldn't pedal smoothly enough to avoid bobbing around when hammering along on the road. The Easton riser bars and aero bars are a sweet combo. The whole thing roles beautifully along the tarmac. Now I need to get out and show it some more technical track.

68 and 48 are the numbers of the week. 68 kilograms puts me 1 kilo down on a month ago. Time to go back onto the protein shakes. 48 is my resting heart rate - a couple of beats up, maybe cos of the cold going round, or the excitement of seeing Miro stand up, or the stress of being back at work. This month will be hectic as I train the new Cycling Advocates Project Co-ordinator (my friend Patrick Morgan, which makes it a lot easier) and try to write my share of 'Classic NZ MTB Rides'.

Work, training and family aside, the list of gear to sort before leaving for the Great Divide doesn't seem to be getting any shorter (just more real). The Rockies have been experiencing higher than normal snowfall - 8 inches in Banff yesterday. Based on one of the photos I saw of a high pass in Colorado, I'm considering taking a snow shovel - why take a tent when you can dig a snow cave? That news combined with the onset of an early winter here has me considering all sorts of extra clothing.

One bit of gear I don't have to worry about any more is the all important camera. My buddy John has sponsored me a rugged wee Olympus (thanks also to Craig for the sweet price). It's waterproof and shock-proof and much lighter than my old one. Thanks, mate! One step closer to a worry-free pile of kit.

Righto. Better get some shut eye. Time for a big ride tomorrow.

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