Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The 4050 km route

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Brother Paul has slapped up this map to make it a bit easier to follow the race - thanks, Bro. You can see it unfold from the links at www.greatdividerace.com
I'm halfway through my antibiotics - feeling much better, but still a ways to go before training on the bike again. Catching up with the io sessions though.Last night's farewell that John organised was a great success. Lots of good people and good wishes and fairly-founded laughter about the Great Divide Race...AND over three grand raised for Docters Without Borders. Sweet!The bike continues to evolve. It now has the SRAM shifters, extra handlebar padding, 10mm longer stem and all the gear bags on board. Should have it totally sorted by the time I reach Colorado. All part of the fun.

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