Saturday, June 28, 2008

Atlantic City- middle of day 9

Simon called from Atlantic City at 3.30 to say that he is sick! Aaargh. He says he has some kind of stomach bug. He's been in Atlantic City since 8 am.

Last night he rode till 11.30 and then didn't get much sleep. He had a few pieces of toast at lunchtime today. He hasn't had any vomiting, but has had the runs and is feeling really weak. He's been trying to drink plenty.

He's going to try and eat some more this afternoon , and then head out towards Rawlins when it cools down a bit. He doesn't think he'd be able to make it there in one day anyway, given the way he's feeling now (its 136 miles).

I've got all my fingers & toes crossed again that he gets better soon.


sifter said...

poor bugger!!!! At least he's in a city! Can he go to the chemist etc?

Jo said...

rehydration salts might be the go for the effects of the runs but it isn't a good to be riding in hot temperatures when his body is doing that. Could be a reaction to dehydration - lets hope it will pass thru quickly. Certainly an inspriring effort so far.

sifter said...

turns out the "City" has only a few dozen people in it. The nerve of those Yankees calling it so...

Down here in little ol' New Zeeeeealand, you gotta have at least two hundred to be a city... ;)