Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday, 26 June 2008 - day 7

From the GDR blog:

Simon Kennett calls in from Flag Ranch at 10:20AM. He reports that the ride from Lima to Island Park was pleasant, but the Rail Trail following that was "brutal" and it was the first time he wished he had suspension.

Last night he slept at Squirrel Creek Lodge and despite having a good night's sleep he is still feeling a little weak today.

Simon's audio:


sifter said...

you missed quite a sight in Wellington yesterday Si!

swtchbckr said...

it appears to me (via google maps) that the 'rail trail' is also a snowmobile trail, which would explain why they've not done much in the way of smoothing out out. once the snow's on there, it'd be smooth as!

Way to go Simon. keep up the good pedalling!!!

sifter said...

I'm having real trouble working out the timing. He started here at 6am on Saturday I think?

6am Sun = 24
6am Mon = 48
6am Tues = 72
6am Weds = 96
6am Thurs = 120
6am Fri = 144

As of 4pm Friday he's 154 hours in. The leaderboard at was last updated at 132 hours... All very confusing really!!! But, one thing you can rely on - if you think of him, he's probably riding!!