Sunday, June 8, 2008

High and Dry

Just a quick update - nothing much to say really.

Sarah, Miro and I flew over to New Mexico on Tuesday. Miro handled 15 hours in planes like an absolute star. I caught a bug.

We're staying at Sarah's Dad and step-Mom's place in Santa Fe. The weather was very kind the first couple of days, but I just got sicker, so it was off to the doctor on Friday. Acute sinusitis was the verdict and another course of antibiotics prescribed. They seem to be working.

While laying low, it was fun to observe some of the things that make America great - stunning scenery, BIG motor vehicles on the 'right' side of the road, upside-down light switches, friendly peace-loving people. Santa Fe is nearly all traditional adobe construction homes. The Spanish built a capitol city here in 1610 and proceeded to try and convert the native Americans with all manner of uncivilised methods. The natives eventually said 'Piss off!' and in 1680 they burnt the Spanish out of the region. It was 12 years before they came back, another 31 before Mexico became independant from Spain and another 25 years after that before the Mexicans got kicked out of New Mexico - this time by the Americans. This town is a melting pot all right.

Saturday Sarah and I went for a ride on the Dale Ball trails just down the road. It was hot (high 20s in the shade) and VERY dry (about 12% humidity). There are cacti and stunted pine trees. At breakfast we sat outside and watched the resident snakes come and go from a hole under the back door step. On the trail our throats were dry and our heads pounded at 7500 feet altitude. Basically, we felt like shit. Couldn't imagine doing a race in these conditions. Fingers crossed that 2 weeks acclimatisation will do the trick.

Today I set off earlier on a 2-3 hour ride to the Santa Fe ski area where snow fell a few days ago. At about 8500 feet my head was pounding and plans changed. The nearby Windsor Trail beckoned. Sweet singletrack under the shade of some big trees at slightly lower altitude. Very therapeutic.


sifter said...

challenging stuff!!!! You've got time up your sleeve still, and you've done so much hard work to lay an awesome foundation. Thinking of you...

Hyphen Tandem Team said...

Hang in there these next few days as you get used to the dry heat & high altitude. Get well! Santa Fe is pretty special compared to the other places you'll be seeing on your race adventure, so enjoy your days there with Sarah, Miro and the in-laws. I bet there will be some good camaraderie amongst your fellow racers. We Californians don't usually say, have 'heaps' of fun, but that's what we mean.

Oli Brooke-White said...

Good on you, Simon! Remember that illness may come and go, but class never fades. You are pure class. All the best, Oli

Simon Kennett said...

Thanks guys. I'm feeling heaps better each day, so the long distance cyclist hiding within should be back in a couple of days. Enjoyed a 1 hr road spin on the Old Santa Fe Trail this morning. Nice scenery and ridiculously courteous drivers. Off for a family walk to a very groovy local book store shortly. Santa Fe is choice, eh.

Ignasi Bau i Erra said...

Hi Simon,

i wish all the best!!!!!!!! and gool luck in you adventure, take care and enjoy!!!

Cheers ignasi

Patrick said...

Go Simon! Go Simon! Go Simon!
I know you can do it - and come out smiling.