Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Island Park- middle of day 6

Simon called at about 3.20 this afternoon (was just on the way out- hence the lateness in posting!). He was in Island Park, Idaho, and planned to carry on to Warm River.

The scenery has been stunning and he saw a bull moose (big!). It was about 50 feet away, but he didn't manage to get a pic.

Some of the navigation today was a bit tricky- one of the reasons he was travelling with Rainer Lenninge & David Blaine, they had both mis-placed themselves & he caught them up.

He's got a bit of a sore throat (which could possibly be due to the fact that he spent alot of the time on his aero-bars, strangely about 20 minutes after I talked to him my throat started feeling sore too....), hope it doesn't develop in to any thing else. Apart from that he sounded pretty chipper really.

He used his mp3 player for the first time today, the first track was Bolero- by the end of which he was going about 10mph faster.

He hoped to be in Wyoming by tomorrow.

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Jon said...

Hi Sarah, Paul and co, thanks for the updates. Strange how exciting this is, I'm riveted to all the updates!

Not sure if this is new but you can download the gps path kml file from (, save it somewhere on your computer and load it with google earth. You can then get a very cool view of the route.

(Jonny W)