Sunday, June 22, 2008

Helena [end of day 3]

Quick update: Simon just called me from Helena, 9.30pm. [That's the 587 km mark, 8534 meters elevation gained so far, including 2133 meters gained since leaving Lincoln just after midday.]

He's just had one of his toughest days biking ever - it got very hot this afternoon, they had three crossings of the Great Divide, pretty rough track.

He's sharing a motel room with Carl Hutchings (who also had a really tough day).

His plan is to get a good nights sleep & do 120 miles [193 km, 1828 meter elevation gain] to Butte tomorrow. (a decent feed tonight should help too, I reckon!)

Helena, Montana State Capitol


Ben said...

Thanks for the updates Sarah, crazy to see snow on the course when it's been so hot down the other end of the country. I hope it cools down before the riders get further south! Say hi to Simon for me.

ben (visiting Corpus Christi, South Texas).

Anonymous said...

Simon is doing awesome - please tell him to keep it up!!

And thanks for the updates Sarah and Paul - they are absolute addictive.