Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rawlins!- middle of day 10

Simon just called from Rawlins, sounding his normal cheery self! Yay. He arrived in at around 2pm, before the heat of the afternoon really set in.

He spent about 11 hours in Atlantic City yesterday, napping & cleaning his gear & having very negative thoughts about this whole escapade (he ate a total of 4 pieces of toast, 2 eggs & 2 ice creams). By 7.20 it was nice & cool and he left town, rode about 35 miles in to the dark (lights working beautifully- thanks Gavin!) & camped in the sage brush. He slept for 6 hours & managed to sleep through 3 snooze alarms (didn't have Miro to wake him up), got going by 6am.

Didn't see any trees for 200kms. He was out of the desert by noon when it wasn't too hot, but the last 40 miles of tar seal were a bit of a killer. He had enough water though.

It's Sunday here so most things are closed in Rawlins, but there was at least a convenience store open. It's too hot to do anything till after 5 this afternoon, so he's going to try and have a power nap & then get another 25 miles or so under his belt.

He sounded very positive and happy. And now I am too.

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MariN said...

Two wheels on my wagon...
Higetty Hoggety Higetty Hi,
Pioneers they never say die!

Get Paul to explain.

Glad to hear Simon is back on track!!