Friday, June 20, 2008

From the border

Hi, Sarah here. I'll be taking over from Simon while he's a tad bit busy for the next couple of weeks...

This photo is Simon on the Dale Ball Trails here in Santa Fe before he left.

He called this morning just after 11 from the border. Phew, he made it there.

Didn't have a great sleep last night- motel neighbours woke him up at 3am watching Western's.

Race briefing and breakfast at nine, followed by a cruisy ride from Eureka up to the border (about 10 miles). He seemed happy and ready to go. Of note was the fact that he wasn't the oldest rider there, the weather was fantastic, and there were some pretty interesting bike set-ups.

Simon's plan (as of 11.15am) was to ride conservatively for the first three days, maintaing a pace that will see him inside the 6 day cut-off. And to try and hook up with one or two others riding through "bear country"! (good idea)
He's been going for 1.5 hours now! Miro and I have got all our fingers and toes crossed for him.


sifter said...

Thirty fingers and thirty toes crossed here this morning too! J&C&K

Oli Brooke-White said...

100 digits entangled here at Roadworks HQ, Sarah! Woohoo! He's off! All the best to him, and to his lovely remote support team. Cheers, Oli

Fettling Codger said...

Eyes crossed just thinking about it