Friday, June 27, 2008

Pinedale- middle of day 8

Simon just called from Pinedale, 2.20pm.

Yesterday afternoon he had trouble staying awake- downed a couple of Pepsi's and felt much better. Then was the 9,600 foot Togwotee Pass. The climb was fairly easy, had a good tail wind, but the descent took 2 hours! The first hour trudging through snow. Then, to the relief of his hands & saddle sores there was a tarmac section.

He spent the night at a cyclists only lodge at the base of Union Pass. For a donation he received a cooked meal & a bed for the night- sweet! He was away by 6am this morning.

The climb up to Union Pass took him an hour forty, but the downhill seemed never-ending, with countless false-tops.

In Pinedale he's got a mail drop to collect, including a new rear tyre to put on.

This afternoon he's going to try for south Park city, but that includes three crossings of the Continental Divide! Go, Simon!

Then tomorrow he's hoping to get the Great Divide Basin over and done with (I think there's quite a bit of trepidation about this section, on both our parts!), and maybe make it to Rawlins.

He says he feels like things are going well, but that his mood could change if the tail wind turned!

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sifter said...


Had just finished looking at the other blogs and leader boards and wondering "where in the world is Simon..." when your post appeared in Minivorb!!!

Sounds like he's going great guns :) Thinking of you all :)