Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Right Stuff

I'm still fluffing around trying to sort out the right stuff to take on the Great Divide Race. Should have had this sorted a week or month ago, but I've been taken by surprise by how much detail there is to consider. Anyway, this pic shows 95% of the final selection. Still got to get a bear bell and some insect repellent, and I've posted a couple of items for the New Mexico desert to southern Colorado. And, there will be more food most of the time (up to two days worth when departing for a really remote stretch).

Tested the lights that Gav Ng lent me yesterday with a singletrack night ride. Yee-hah! And then slept out to test my sleeping bag and pad. Hmmmm...not exactly cosy.

Heading north tomorrow. Thanks for the emails and phone calls and comments of support - they are all much appreciated, including the ones I've not found time to reply to.


sifter said...

GOOD LUCK SIMON!!!! Give me a call at home if you get the chance - any time day or night. I'll try to get hold of you at Bill's tomorrow! The gear looks great!

Mike & Karen said...

It's weird, I envy you and at the same time think you're mad. Talk about mixed emotions. I have faith that you have what it takes to achieve your goal. I wish it would start already.... The anticipation is killing me. Good luck, Simon. We'll be thinking of you.

Patrick said...

Hey Simon - is that a shower cap?
And what's on that mp3 player? Any Rossini?
Looking forward to the before and after pics.
Go well, p.

Simon Kennett said...

Showercap = poor (or light) man's jacket hood.
Rossini - you betcha. Theme music from Breaking Away.
And some late 80's pop, Philip Glass, Flight of the Concords, Fred Dagg...the usual stuff.

Mike & Karen...tell me about the anticipation!

Will try to give you a call John.

Jo said...

Two sets of riding gloves? And overbooties? Sounds like extra weight to me. Someone bet me on the shower cap, hope you don't mind cold water and snow dripping down your neck and back. Looks like the sort of kit I dream of travelling with although sans drugs. Give it heaps. Andrew