Friday, June 20, 2008


Just had a call at 8.40, from Simon in Whitefish.
He sounded tired but happy.

Not too long after the start he was with a couple of other guys, after 12 miles, one other guy, then after 20 miles it was just him (don't get too excited he's not in the lead!). He was thinking it would be really cold going over the snowy passes, so wore two layers of wool- and is now a bit dehydrated. Had a 45 minute walk through the snow with David Blain (a single-speeder).

He thinks he came in to Whitefish in about 5th place (but who's counting).

Apparently it doesn't get dark till after 10 up there, so he is pressing on to a GDR-friendly front yard 10 miles out of Columbia Falls (I imagine a big pile of bikes and tired riders).

Simon said there are some very talented riders in the field- the guy who is in the lead rode to the start from Utah!

I think I'm going to have a cup of chamomile tea and a lie-down.



Grant P said...

Nice one Simon!
Plenty of people back here in NZ wishing you well.

Jo said...

Excellent start Simon - steady as she goes. Glad to hear your strange in strategy for the 1st few days. Hey, and will someone sort out this quote from the DGR Blog: "A man who sounded Australian and a guy who called himself Rainier (?) both called in from Whitefish around 8:30." I'm sure by the end of the event Simon will have his own name and possibly the correct nationality.