Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flag ranch, Wyoming- mid-morning day 7

Simon just called from Flag Ranch, Wyoming where he was stopped for a 9.30am buffet breakfast.

There's been slushy snow on the road and he's really knackered.

He stayed at Squirrel Creek Ranch last night.

Got totally hammered by about 40kms of rail trail, horrible sand & corrugations. Had to get off & walk a few times. He said they had just ripped up the rails & left it at that. His hands were so sore this morning he coouldn't chop up his bacon- ouch.

His throat is heaps better today, at least.

He saw a moose with a calf. They've been riding the boundary with Yellowstone National Park, so the views are pretty spectacular- but if you stop for more than 10 seconds you get attacked by ravenous mosquitos.

He's going to try and stop for the day at a lodge just before Union Pass- which is possibly one of the hardest climbs in the race. Here's hoping he gets a good nights sleep.


Patrick said...

What a mission! Simon took a calculated risk in going with a rigid fork / 29" front wheel set-up, rather than suspension. He hopes the gain in speed on the smoother sections will outweigh the discomfort. It sounds like the bike is holding up fine but the body is suffering.

All strength to you, Simon. Rivetting stuff.

BILL said...

hello simon: I met you when you started up the road at slater creek colorado. at the new cabin. i am bill goan, congradulations!