Sunday, June 22, 2008


Simon called at about 12.30, Miro and I were just having lunch. He was in Lincoln & had about 60 miles to go to Helena, where he was going to call it quits for the day - maybe splash out on a motel.

Yesterday morning (Saturday) saw about a dozen riders camped on a front lawn together, they all headed off to a cafe for breakfast. Simon had a salmon omlette- couldn't move for about 1/2 an hour afterwards.

It was a long hilly ride to Holland Lake, where he arrived 30 minutes before the cafe closed. got a packed lunch (he reckons he has about 1/2 the food carrying capacity of some of the others, that'll get better as he gets rid of some of the old (very old) shorts etc he is carrying).

Simon starting up Richmond Peak.

He hooked up with Carl Hutchings (a former Iditabike winner- very handy) going over Richmond Pass. It was a bit of a slog. Lots of fallen trees.

At the end of a 145 mile (233 km) day in Ovando dinner consisted of some gummy bears and an oatmeal cookie (not ideal recovery food!). Camped out on the grass in front of the museum, when at midnight the sprinklers went off! Eek.

So, sounds like he's having a pretty good day today.

Cheers, Sarah

Also: Listen to Simon's GDR call-in (597KB mp3)

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MariN said...

Sarah & Miro;
Great to be reading near live commentary. The interesting feature of scorcher is the talk about temps and a picture of Simon making his way through the snow! Go figure eh?
Keep it coming...go Simon!