Thursday, July 17, 2008

20 Pics

OK. When it comes to blogging, I'm a punter, so these pics are all over the place, but here they are - 20 of 241. [I went in and reorganised them. Paul]

But, first...a week has passed since I finished and a few questions are starting to recur.

The sweepstake will be sorted as soon as I get home. I've a feeling somebody got within a few minutes of my finishing time.
And, yes - after a few days of exhaustion, I'm starting to recover quite nicely. Fingers are still a bit arthritic, but saddle sores have gone, stomach is back to normal and my energy levels are returning. After a few days of complete dissinterest, I thought about going for a ride this morning. Didn't actually do it, but suspect I will in the next couple of days.

Now for the photos (not necessarily in this order!):

This noon startline shot (above) has record-holder John Nobile closest to the camera.

David Blaine marching thru the snow with his usual cheery outlook.

Andrew (single-speed), Geoff (29" MTB) and Keith (touring bike) are leading the race up the first major climb (Whitefish Divide). Sadly, all three DNF'ed.

Some aspens. Pretty.

Twelve of us camped at Toms at the end of the first day (at the 120 mile mark).

Carl clambers over one of a hundred downed trees on day 2.

Carl tackling yet another roller on the tedious day into Lima.

Flowers and snowy peaks on the road to Island Pass.

Jenn and more flowers on the way into Wyoming.

Me leaving the Great Divide Basin with mylar neck shade and ear plugs to silence the wind.

A rare sighting of the mountain turtle.

Sweet view at the top of Togwatee pass.

Me hating the heat at 10,000', but soon to be revived by a mountain lion sighting.

Scot giving my bike it's first TLC since the start. Absolute Bikes at 1550 miles was almost a compulsory pit-stop. Oli had built it up so well that it needed very little attention.

Receiving some awesome hospitality in Del Norte.

Sunset on the Polvadera Mesa, New Mexico - the biggest climb of the race at just over 4000' (and covered in sand and bedrock for the last quarter).

Happy to be crossing the Continental Divide for the 2nd-to-last time on the last day.

The finish

Back with Sarah & Miro : )

I'll post a few more pics when I do a full write-up and there will probably be a slideshow back in Wellington.

Pedal on!

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sifter said...


Can't wait to see you :) Just got back from a trip to Powell Hut with Kaitlyn and my Dad. Didn't have to carry the little one an inch! Just over three hours (and 900m climb) on the way up, and just under three hours back, including rests. MTBO at Wainui on Sunday. And Alpe d'Huez on the telly soon!