Monday, July 7, 2008

Keeping track

Now it's getting more down to the wire for Simon I'm going to start using the GDR race start time to keep a track of the days.

So, they started at noon on the 20th of June (we'll go from noon to noon)- it's now just after 2pm on Monday the 7th of July. Which means that he is 2 hours in to his 18th day.

Add a comment if I've got it wrong!


sifter said...

I make it 20 days to noon on Thursday!


Gav said...

It looks like Simon's pacing himself for a pie in Pie Town!

Keep going Simon, no far to the finish now!

Paul Kennett said...

By my reckoning that's 17 days and 2 hours. 2pm on 21st June was: 1 day and 2 hours. (The first 24 hours was "0 days and whatever hours".)