Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Leader board update - day 12

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And Dave Nice (aka Cellerrat) just posted this pic of Simon out on the trail somewhere yesterday:
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A slightly disturbing biographical note: The Kennett Bros were sponsored by DiamondBack (DBR) way back in 1991 when we were riding/writing the 3rd edition of Classic New Zealand Mountain Bike Rides. Those shorts are 17 years old.

Cheers, Paul


Sarah said...

Yep- those shorts have been around awhile. You know how it is (or maybe you don't!), they may have holes in the bum, but the chamios is fine so they are way too good just to throw away! Hopefully this is one of the several pairs that Simon took with him that he could discard along the way!

Geez- he looks pretty rough.

Oli Brooke-White said...

What a legend.

Patrick said...

I understand Simon will be auctioning his bike and kit on his return. Wonder what those shorts will fetch? Ewwww.

His plan to avoid saddle sores requires changing shorts daily: Monday he changes with Geoff, Tuesday with David, Wednesday with John ...

sifter said...

It's nice to see you can still see him from side on! Seriously though, he looks in pretty good nick! Not far to go now (relatively speaking of course...)

Mike & Karen said...

I've got a pair of shorts about half that age. Not as classy as those ones. I'll never wear them in public again though.
Pedal on Simon, you're doing great.

MariN said...

Oldies but goodies eh?!

Are you kidding Sarah, he looks awesome!!

On on Simon, we are all living vicariously! You're going great matie.