Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Silver City- Tuesday 9.45 (18 days+9.75 hours)

Just a quick update- will add more tomorrow morning (sorry!)...

Simon just called from Silver City where he is safe in a motel after enduring full on thunderstorms most of the day. He's pretty shattered, but glad to be there (and glad to be alive too).


sifter said...

Only one column to go now Simon!!!! I wish I was there beside you (tomorrow of course, not in the motel room....)

Patrick said...

Go Simon!

I'm predicting he will knock the bastard off tomorrow: rise before dawn and pedal away until he reaches the Mexican border.

On track to slip under 20 days.

Wonder what kind of payback there is for a 3-week pass-out? Maybe he'll just keep riding south. How far is it to Tierra del Fuego?