Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cuba -mid day Sunday

We were out when Simon called this morning at 11.50. His message is pretty much as follows...

It was a really hard ride to Cuba & his legs feel exhausted.

He saw cougar prints in the dirt after being warned in Abiquiu about cougar being around, and to watch his back. (sadly a man in northern New Mexico was killed a week or so ago, by a cougar they think, so I guess the warnings weren't unfounded)

The ride from Abiquiu was the last big "hill" of the ride though, it's mainly just rolling stuff from now on. He's hoping to make it to Antelope Wells by 20 days. He's got 160 miles of seal in front of him & 3 out of 4 bolts are lost from his middle chain ring.

He sounded pretty tired.


Bill said...

Amazing Effort. keep it up and hope things hold together to the finish.

sifter said...

GO SIMON! You can stop for a rest really soon :)

Mark said...

Nice work Simon keep it up, there is a move in this somewhere. Not sure which actor we could get to play you.
See you soon Mark Rachel and Maarama