Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day 14 - GDR blog update

From the GDR blog:
Simon called from Del Norte at 9:25 p.m. He was staying at the place of a couple he bumped into on the trail. He had a cold night on Wednesday, bivying five miles over Marshall Pass. He said he froze pedaling down the pass, so he didn't go quite as low as he'd hoped. Overnight, the temperature dropped below the specifications on his sleeping bag, so he had an unpleasant rest.

But he got up early, and "once the sun came up, it was all good."

On Thursday, a mountain lion crossed his path. He planned to get a good night's sleep before heading over Indiana Pass in the morning.
Then, later Thursday night:
Jenn called from Del Norte at 10:15 p.m. She had a rough day out of Poncho Springs. She rode about halfway up Marshall Pass, but caught a "big wall of complete exhaustion." She felt she couldn't pedal through it so she had to stop and sleep for a while. She said she had a better day Thursday, but got caught in a thunderstorm and spent an hour underneath sign boards, waiting it out. Simon passed her near the top of a climb and she was happy to see another racer. "I haven't seen anyone for five days, so that was really good." She was going to sleep for a bit and head on to Indiana Pass in the morning.


eujan galloway said...

Hi Simon and Sarah,
Wishing you well on your expedition Simon. Have been cheering you on each day. Keep it up – saddle sores and all!

Thank you Sarah for being the conduit of news. Please pass on best wishes for success from Jan and Euan. He probably won't be interested, but you could tell Simon that we will be planting WCC plants on the Makara Peak summit and at the Skills Area on Sunday – but the weather forecast is bad news! Worse than Simon has been experiencing I think.

I have told the St Anselm's Church congregation of Simon's adventure/madness and have received a few Médecins Sans Frontières sponsorships from them – including Glen Robertson and dear Nona Bowden (a spinster's mite).

Jen seems a lovely girl – fancy recognising the jacket as Simon's. I hope they both make it to the end successfully.

The pictures show a lovely countryside. Safe travels, - and hang it there Simon.

Patrick said...

An icicle on a bicycle! Good one Simon.

So here's how cunning he is: Simon has managed to transfer his luggage to Jenn's bike. Geez Simon, that's a fiendish move.

Outwit, outplay, outlast - he's a true survivor.

Happy 4th of July everyone. God bless America.