Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kremmling- middle of day 12

Simon called at mid-day to say he was in Kremmling [the weather is about 23 C], which is about half way between Steamboat Springs & Silverthorne. He couldn't talk long because he had borrowed someone's cell phone to call me. He said there was a definate lack of public pay phones in the resort towns. He had to make his GDR call-in from Steamboat from the bike shop.

So, not much to report- hopefully he'll call again if he makes it to Silverthorne (and can find a phone!), which is where he's hoping to get today.

Last night he camped about 20 miles out of Steamboat Springs, he said he got a really good photo of a fox coming towards him on the road.

He was pretty shocked to hear that Geoff Roes had had to pull out.

That's all!


sifter said...

Simon. You're doing a great job mate! Over half way has to be a huge motivator, as is being a couple of days up on the cut-off... Katy's giving her class a full report this morning :)

Peter said...


We are going to be in Silverthorne tonight if you need help. I will look for somewhere to park near the main road.