Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Simon's rough day, continued

The GDR blog pretty much summed up what Simon told me last night. But just though I'd add a few extra points this morning.

There were three people that gave him food yesterday after he either flagged them down, or in one case went in to a Real Estate agents- in each case he offered to pay, but they were all insistent that he just take it (I guess we would do the same!), he probably looked like he needed it too.

He said when he was in the thick of the thunder storm, before Silver City, where the trail actually goes along the Great Divide, the gap between thunder & lightning got down to 2 seconds. Eeek. Once he saw a bolt of lightning strike the ground about 200m ahead. He was riding along crouched down to make himself as small as possible.

It was pretty much an afternoon long interval session!

When he got to Silver City the first motel he went to took one look at him and said "sorry all booked up".

He said he felt really the riding was really isolated yesterday. It was about 120 miles, and for 95 miles of that he only saw 4 cars.

He was going to get going about 6 this morning.

He's on the last leg!


tandemjim said...

I was a little miffed at someone who would "sell" him crackers, so thanks for setting the record straight, Sarah. Shame on that motel manager. Race promoters should maybe contact that particular motel later and explain what goes on during this race. After racing in that storm, a rider may be in dire straights. That lightening on the Divide can be scary. Just reading about Simon's day I was holding my breath! Will check back in tomorrow. Go, Simon, Go!!!
Cathy & Jim Haagen-Smit

Ben said...

Hi Sarah, with luck you are already down at the border with Simon so won't be reading this until after the fact!

What an amazing effort Simon, Sarah & Miro too. I read Patrick's comments about payback (to you Sarah) for a 3 week pass-out, I figure if you add on the training schedule for the past 6+ months and you should be getting breakfast in bed until your 65 ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your time in the US and safe travels home!

Geoff said...

wow, what an epic day that sounded like. hopefully we all get the news today of simon's finish.

El jefe said...

Yes, breakfast in bed for at least 6 months, but then he'll need 6 months of recovery first! Well done guys. What an epic.

sifter said...

I wonder what it will be like waking up tomorrow not thinking "I wonder how Simon's going" but knowing that he's in good hands!

Sarah said...

It will be good, I may even get some sleep tonight :-)

MariN said...

Yeah really Sifter.
I have to say that it has been mighty enjoyable (if somewhat hair raising at times, tummy bugs, bears, cougars, mountain lions...oh my and now lightening!)from this end. Look forward to hearing and reading about a great finish! Well done to you all. And Sarah know you too must be more than ready for that good night's sleep.