Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Post race thoughts from David B and Geoff R

David Blaine has some thoughts on his Great Divide Project:
A full write-up on my experiences will be coming, but for now I would like to give some details about my departure.

Despite having some knee problems in Wyoming I had high hopes and lots of energy heading into Colorado. Once in Colorado, I realized I wasn't digesting my food right and my energy disappeared. By the time I crawled into Steamboat I knew I had more than a sour stomach. I got a motel room and hoped to take a day to recover.

By morning, I was in a terrible state. I was no longer thinking about the race I was just hoping to get myself to a hospital. I was extremely fortunate that I was in a town with medical service when this happened. Isabella from the Nordic Motel took me to the Emergency Room and within a minute I was getting hooked up to an I.V.

Geoff Roes is Fumbling Towards Endurance:
This is as close as I'm going to come to a race report - a random collection of thoughts and photos:

Lack of sleep seemed to be my ultimate undoing. In the first 3 days I slept a total of 8.5 hours and in the first week a total of 33 hours. In the future I need to find something to help me sleep when I do multi-day races. I would lay down at night and just couldn't get my mind to stop carrying on.

And Jenns Cycling Compendium friends are still blogging for her.

Simon will be back at his in-laws, in Santa Fe, sometime tomorrow. Then he'll be able to blog some post-race thoughts.

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Minx said...

Big hugs and congratulations to Simon for finishing - and in such an amazing time! Can I also say a huge thank you to his supporters who've taken time to swing by and post messages to Jenn as well - knowing that there are so many people following and caring is really helping her.