Friday, July 4, 2008

Horca- 5pm day 15

Simon just called from a place called Horca, still in Colorado. (initially I thought he said Hawker & couldn't find it on the map, but a posted comment suggested Horca, which still isn't on any of the maps here!)

He's done 73 miles so far today, and is planning to head on over La Manga Pass when it cools down a little.

He said the ride up Indiana Pass was a real toughy, it gets to almost 12 000 feet, it was nearly a four hour climb. The air felt pretty thin & there was a lot of rolling stuff along the top.

Arrived in Platoro in time for July 4th celebration community BBQ. $12 for a pretty good feed.

The downhill out of Platoro to Horca was pretty rough, serious corrugations (as bad as the road up to David & Jennie's old place in Hawea!), quite a lot of climbing and a headwind. Not quite so much fun.

He sounded reasonably happy, but he said that was because he was standing in the shade!

The plan is to camp high tonight. He's hoping to make it to Abiquiu tomorrow. New Mexico!


BikerBob said...

It is probably Horca, Colorado, which is about 20 miles south of Platoro. It is at a sharp turn on the ACA map.

Sarah said...

Thanks for that- none of the maps we have here show it.

BikerBob said...

There is a payphone outside the Red Bear Restaurant there. So, the restaurant and the payphone are probably the only two things of importance to a cyclist (either racer or tourer). Otherwise, I don't think it really qualifies as a town.

Also of note about Horca is that it is located at the bottom of the climb up to La Manga pass. Fortunately it is all pavement and graded for big trucks. Thus the switchbacks and 3-5% grade. It's a climb nonetheless, but nothing like the 8-10% average grades on the GDMBR.