Saturday, July 5, 2008

Abiquiu- 6pm Saturday

Simon called this evening from Abiquiu, New Mexico (the closest he'll be to us, till he gets back to Santa Fe (didn't mention that to him though!)). No pay phone there either, so it was a pretty quick call.

He said the Brazos Ridge [see weather ] still had snow on it. At El Rito he bought a bag of ice & put bits of it everywhere he could- down shorts (yikes!), pockets, back of his pack. It was pretty hot here in Santa Fe today, so that sounds like a good idea (though we did get a good downpour this afternoon, and it cooled off alot- Simon didn't mention that he'd had any rain).

Along Brazos Ridge (Simon had snow here) [Source]

He's going to head on out and get a couple of thousand feet of climbing under his belt before he hits the sack. I'm pretty sure he said the climb out of Abiquiu is the longest in the GDR. So I guess he'll be waking up to more climbing

South of Abiquiu

Tomorrow he's going to try to get to Cuba in the morning, have a siesta, then push on in the afternoon.

Heading towards Cuba

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Oli Brooke-White said...

Man, he's doing so well! On the home straight, almost...Best of luck, Simon. And congratulations to John Nobile for winning in record time.