Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello from Santa Fe

Howdy folks

Just a short note to say 'Hi' and thanks for your interest/support. Sarah let me know that there were people cheering me on and that sure helped during the low times.

I'm still pretty wasted right now. Although I only lost a couple of kilos and suffered no significant injuries, my fingers (and other bits) are a bit numb, and my brain is exhausted, too. The main feeling at the finish was relief, with a fair degree of satisfaction at cracking 20 days. Hopefully there is more satisfaction yet to come once it all sets in. I'm a little dazed. The last four days were very tough. It was a LOT more fun when there were other riders to share the experience with. Everyone I rode with was great company - Fred, David, Geoff, Keith, Carl and Jenn (and Tour Divide riders Stephen, Mary and Felix). And there were several ordinary folk along the way who were a pleasure to meet. That said, most of the best wildlife encounters and fastest days came while riding solo.

It is fantastic to be back with family.

I'll post some photos soon.

Best of luck to the riders still out there.

Kia ora!



Ignasi Bau i Erra said...

Congratulations!!!! its amazing you can finish the race in a very good time!!!! all the best, and noe take a bike break, jaja

sifter said...

Rest up Simon!

I have to admit, it's a bit odd waking up and not having to rush to the computer to see if there's any update. But, I appreciate that it is good that you're finished ;)

Seriously though, you did an incredible job, and you had so many of us back here thinking of you!

I dare you to eat a whole box of icecream on your own this afternoon! My shout ;)

Geoff said...

congratulations simon. i hope we get to ride together again someday. can't wait to hear more about your race if you get a chance to do a full write-up.

tandemjim said...

Simon, absolutely fabulous that you raced the GDR sub 20 days (or that you completed it at all!!) Well done---you are amazing! Enjoy the rest of your stay and your family in New Mexico - at a slower speed, eh. Travel safely home and I bet there'll be a big celebration back in Wellington for you. Put your feet up and pat yourself on the back. Huge accomplishment. Wow.
Cathy & Jim, California