Thursday, July 10, 2008

Simon's last calls

Simon's last calls:


SteveM said...

Hi Simon,
An epic effort from a Kiwi Guy who has succeeded where others have fallen by the wayside. I suppose you will be coming home via Mexico, Central and South America? That way you'll be back here for the summer!
Congratulations on your mammoth personal achievement from all at The Hutt Valley MTB Club.
Steve Meeres.

sifter's mum said...

So very thrilled for you after this fantastic achievement, Simon. And relieved for those who love you and have gone through a different sort of pain. And for all of us who just plain admire the pants off you, well done, thank you for doing it so well, thank you for keeping going, thank you for being safe. To know that you were doing it and to look forward to Sarah's and Paul's postings has been an amazing adventure in itself. So glad that you did it and so very glad that it is over.