Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 13 Wednesday - David Blaine is out

From the GDR blog:
David Blaine called at 9 a.m. Wednesday from the Yampa Vally Medical Center in Steamboat Springs, where he'd spent the past 24 hours. He stayed in town because he wasn't feeling well, and went to the hospital when his sickness became progressively worse.

He said he had a fever of 104 and could hardly move. "As soon as I can stand up, I'm going home. It's been a great race up until this point and good times."

David sounded upbeat even as he made this call from the hospital.

Keith Flury pulled out yesterday because he couldn't get his bike fixed in Rawlins.

Pete Basinger - who was helping at the start of the GDR, left last week to do a 24 hr race in Alaska. During that event he was the first person to find a rider in front who had just been mauled by a bear. Here's another account.

Leader board:
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Sarah said...

yeah- thanks for the reminder paul

Paul Kennett said...

Sorry Sarah.